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Size Features
1500 mm
2500 mm
Fuel Features
Fuel Type
Diesel(1 Burner)
95 kW(8 kg/s)
213 kW(18 kg/s)
Fuel Type
LPG(1 Burner)
81 kW(3.1 Nm³/s)
175 kW(6.5 Nm³/s)
Fuel Type
Doğalgaz(1 Burner)
81 kW(8.1 Nm³/s)
175 kW(17.5 Nm³/s)
Fuel Type
6 kW
8 kW
Product Capacity
Capacity KG/SAAT
White Chickpea 150-170 kg/h
Sunflower Seeds 125-150 kg/h
Chickpea 120-150 kg/h
Shelled Peanut 190-200 kg/h
Chickpea Salted 200-215 kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 100-125 kg/h
Cracked Chickpea 200-220 kg/h
Topi Peanut 180-200 kg/h
Topi Chickpea 150-170 kg/h
Pistachio 180-200 kg/h

In the OS-130 guided roasting machine, the product is roasted in a rotating boiler. The heat required for roasting the product is produced from a high-efficiency burner placed inside the roasting machine. The heat produced is applied evenly to the surface of the boiler and the white chickpea placed inside the roasting machine beans, yellow chickpeas, shelled peanuts, salted chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, crispy chickpeas, tofy pistachios, tofy chickpeas, pistachios, hazelnuts such as the perfect roasting process allows the user to control the roasting process equipped with an accessible electrical control panel. The roasted nuts are transferred by placing the perforated basket directed towards the center of the boiler. This rotating nuts roasting machine comes with two baskets, one of which is perforated and one without holes. the machine is made entirely of stainless steel. There is an optional automatic hood where the product can be transferred from a hopper placed on the machine. The product is carried to the boiler with the help of the elevator. to prevent roasting of the product from the centrifugal forces and transfer it more easily through the perforated basket.

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Projected output capacities are approximated values only. Final output value may vary based on product type and user process etc. OZSTAR assures to serve the clientele for all their processing requirements.