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OS1453 Sugar Syrup Boiling Machine

OS551 Dual Drawer Roasting Oven

Os-551 double drawer roasting oven consists of 2 sections with 7 trays. Drawer sizes and number of drawers can be specially designed according to customer demand. The roasting process is provided with the help of a lpg or natural gas stove. The fire coming from the stove is distributed in the oven with the help of the air fan in a way that it provides equal cavity. All drawers are designed to provide an even and homogeneous cavity.

OS2200 Chickpea Producing Machine

OS-2300 Pea Chickpea Washing Machine

OS600 Topi Cracked Peanut Machine

OS1600 Liquid Soluiton Mixer

OS1400 Powder Mixer

OS1450 Sugar Syrup Machine

OS1150 Chickpea Boiling Machine

Storage Silo