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Projected output capacities are approximated values only. Final output value may vary based on product type and user process etc. OZSTAR assures to serve the clientele for all their processing requirements.
Os20D Coffee Grinders

It is used for grinding coffee at coffee outlets, cafes and retail outlets. Steel blade mills are a tabletop compact series grinder suitable for Turkish coffee, Espresso and Filter coffee grinding.

Os175 Belt Type Roasting Machine (Electricity)

The OS - 170 belt type roasting machine equipped with 8 resistant tubes. The user can start the process by selecting the product recipes directly from its memory without the need to re-enter the system. With the help of these 8 resistant tubes added


Coffee Destoner typically remove small unwanted foreign particles such as stones, empty beans, broken metal pieces etc pneumatically. They are essential components for ensuring the quality of the output or when passing through different components su