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OS1175 Seasoning Unit

The OS 1175 seasoning machine ensures that the roasted or fried product is uniformly seasoned. The rotating drum system ensures that the sauce poured on the product is spread evenly. Sauce is transferred onto the product with the help of a vibrating chamber. The OS 1175 seasoning machine, which is completely made of stainless steel, comes to the end of the fryer line and ensures that the products are seasoned before packaging.

OS850 Chips Production Line

The chips production line consisting of fryer, extruder, seasoning unit and other equipment, has an average production capacity of 200 kg of corn chips per hour. The line, which works fully automatically, has a hot oil system. The basic working principle of this hot oil system is that the heated industrial oil heats the food oil and the chips, come out of from mold or ready products, fry in this hot oil and then sauced in the saucing unit.

OS810 Batch Fryer

Tilting fryers with a simple operating principle are produced in the form of a circle or a square. The fryer, which has a large oil chamber, is heated with the help of a burner placed under the chamber. Product is loaded into the basket on the hopper that can be moved up and down. The products loaded in the basket are taken into oil and the frying process takes place.

OS850 Cashew-Peanut Frying Line

The OS 850 Belt Fryer machine, can roast an average of 300 kg of dried nuts per hour. It provides frying of various food products such as corn flakes, roasted chickpeas, peanuts, cashews, chips. The OS 850 Belt Fryer is made of stainless steel and has an energy-saving burner. The OS 850 Belt Fryer machine has a burner that can work with natural gas, LPG or diesel.