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Size Features
690 mm
560 mm
1100 mm
Fuel Features
Fuel Type
1 kW
Product Capacity
Capacity KG/SAAT
Chickpea 64 kg/h
Salted Peanut 64 kg/h
Sunflower Seeds 50 kg/h
Pumpkin Seeds 40 kg/h
Salted Chickpea 64 kg/h
Shelled Peanut 32 kg/h
Hazelnut 65 kg/h
Almond 65 kg/h

Projected output capacities are approximated values only. Final output value may vary based on product type and user process etc. OZSTAR assures to serve the clientele for all their processing requirements.
Twino / Os5K Coffee Roasting Machine 5Kg/batch

OS 5K is a coffee roaster that can roast 5 kg of green coffee beans per batch. It comes with coffee control spoon, coffee sight glass, powder cyclone, cooling system, mixing arms, touch screen and Wi-Fi connected to artisan program. Thanks to its t

Os175 Belt Type Roasting Machine (Electricity)

The OS - 170 belt type roasting machine equipped with 8 resistant tubes. The user can start the process by selecting the product recipes directly from its memory without the need to re-enter the system. With the help of these 8 resistant tubes added

Os-70Bm Butter Machine 70-100Kg/h

Peanut butter machines able to make nuts butter. There are various of capacities. Machine made in entirely stainless steel 304.